Reclaiming Rest as our Birthright


Rest Retreats

We are building a community of Black women who are reclaiming rest as their birthright. Twice a year we offer retreat space for Black women activists to rest, dream, explore their creativity, and connect across movements, age, class, and identity. Retreat participation presently includes:

*Please note: retreats are currently invite only.*


Kind Words

Coming Soon

Rest Residencies

Liberation is creative work. Just as artists need residences to hone their skills and creative visions, activists need time and space away from the frontlines of social change to rest, examine, explore, and allow new creative ideas emerge. Be the first to know when our Rest Residences launch.

In Development

Breathing In Freedom

Freedom is a practice. Rest is a practice. We are deep in the design-phase of a curated cohort experience for Black women to claim and celebrate our freedom and rest here and now in the day-to-day. Focused on the practical and poetic of liberation practice, we will offer programming created by Black practitioners for Black women to explore and enjoy from the comfort of their homes and integrate into their everyday experiences.

Be the first to know when our Breathing In Freedom cohort launches.



The Octavia Fund is not a grantmaking institution yet. Following in the tradition of our patron saint Octavia Butler, we are speaking into being the world we want and the organization we strive to be.

Long before she got her due, Octavia Butler repeated mantras in her journals about how she was to become a bestselling author. The Octavia Fund will be a grantmaking organization someday soon and our namechoice is a nod to Octavia and the path we’re walking together. So be it. See to it.