Resourcing Black women to rest, dream, and (re)imagine their lives and the future of their movements.

Our Mission

Black Women are Prophets

The brilliance of Black women nurtures new worlds and creates new possibilities. Yet less than 1% of philanthropic dollars are invested in Black women.

The Octavia Fund wants to discover what phenomenal futures we could live into when Black women have the time, space, connection and capital we deserve.

Our offerings

Rest. Restore. Renew.

Through retreats, residencies, and partnerships, we have prepared a place for you to come home to yourself, your truth, and the miracle of your being.



We create space for Black women activists to rest, dream, and nurture themselves and each other.



Activists need time and space away from the frontlines of social change to rest, examine, explore, and imagine radically.



We are building a suite of programs by Black practitioners for Black women to integrate into their everyday experiences right at home.

Our Creatrix.

With everything she does, Milicent Johnson practices living into freedom now.